Second Master's

MBA/Master of Accounting (MAcc)

The MBA/MAcc dual degree program allows MBA students to apply to the MAcc program after completing their first year. With proper planning a student can receive both degrees in five academic semesters or two and a half years of full time study.

The MBA/MAcc program requires a minimum of 18 accounting credits. However, students interested in becoming licensed as a CPA will have to meet the accounting education requirements for their state/jurisdiction. To become licensed as a CPA in Arizona, students are required to have 36 accounting credits (30 credits upper division and 6 credits lower division). Please see the Arizona State Board of Accountancy for more information. 

Current MBA students interested in the program will have to contact Janae Gregston.

Program Course Requirements

Four Required Courses (12 Credits):

Course Course Title Usually Offered
ACCT 501
Advanced Accounting
Fall, Spring
ACCT 522
Advanced Federal Taxation
Fall, Spring
ACCT 525
Accounting Theory and Institution
Fall, Spring
ACCT 531
Principles of Auditing
Fall, Spring

Two Additional Accounting Courses (6 Credits) to Meet 18 Credits Requirement:

Course Course Title Usually Offered
ACCT 510
Principles of Profit Planning and Control
ACCT 521
Business Law and the Search for Non-Obvious Liabilities
Fall, Spring
ACCT 554
Accounting Analysis of Financial Statements
Accounting for Not-for-Profit Entities
ACCT 580
Communication Skills for the Accounting Profession
Fall, Spring
ACCT 562ABC Technology for Accountants and IFRS Fall, Spring
ACCT 532 Audit Simulation Fall, Spring


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