The Master of Accounting degree (MAcc) requires 30 units of graduate-level coursework with opportunities for specialization via tracks in Audit, Tax, and Entrepreneurship. Courses that can be used to satisfy the accounting and general business requirements for the degree are listed below.

Course Size Statistics

  Fall 2015 Class Sizes
18 Students
19 Students

Meeting Accounting Units Requirements

See tracks for more information.

Course Number Course Title
ACCT 501
Advanced Accounting
ACCT 515
Ethics for Professional Accountants
ACCT 522
Advanced Federal Taxation
Corporate Taxation
ACCT 525
Accounting Theory and Institution
ACCT 531
Principles of Auditing
ACCT 532
Audit Simulation
ACCT 510
Principles of Profit Planning and Control
ACCT 521
Business Law and the Search for Non-Obvious Liabilities
ACCT 553
Tax Research
ACCT 554
Accounting Analysis of Financial Statements
ACCT 555
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions
ACCT 655M State & Local Tax
ACCT 556
Tax Provision and Related Topics
ACCT 657 LLC, LLP, Partnership Tax
ACCT 557A Tax Return Preparation Lab
ACCT 562A Technology for Accountants: Quickbooks
ACCT 562B Technology for Accountants: Microsoft Excel
ACCT 562C International Financial Reporting Standards
Accounting for Not-for-Profit Entities
ACCT 580
Communication Skills for the Accounting Profession
ACCT 593
Internship (Approved by MAcc Advisor)
ACCT 599
Independent Study (Approved by MAcc Advisor)
International Taxation


Meeting General Business Requirements

Courses available for students with non-business undergraduate degrees:

Course Number Course Title
ECON 550
Economics for Managers
FIN 510A

Courses available for students with undergraduate business degrees:

Course Number Course Title
ECON 560
Industrial Organization
FIN 513
Fundamental Valuation Modeling
FIN 515
Venture Capital
FIN 518
Investment Banking
FIN 521
Investment Analysis
LAW 619
Estates and Trusts
MIS 513
Business Foundations for IT
MIS 515
Information Security in Public and Private Sectors
MIS 516
Privacy, Security, and Business Continuity
MIS 527
Introduction to Enterprise Computing Environments
MIS 578
Project Management


Students are also allowed to take any MBA classes, depending on availability:

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