Scholarship Application


Please follow the steps in their entirety and in the order listed below:

Step 1 (for BOTH domestic and international students)

  1. Complete the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) online calculator found at
  2. For international students, please use Arizona as your state of residence.
  3. Copy and paste your answers AND your final EFC amount into an Word document and send to Alex Miller at Title your Word document and email subject line to read Firstname_lastname_EFC.
  4. INCLUDE a current resume with your EFC file in your email.
  5. Record your final EFC amount below.

Step 2 (for BOTH domestic and international students)

Complete the form below.

Step 3 (ONLY for domestic students)

  1. Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process if you have not already done so. Click here to visit the UA FAFSA site for more details.
  2. Ensure that your FAFSA is properly filed with the Registrars office.
  3. Send an electronic copy of your completed FAFSA application to Alex Miller at If applicable, please remove/hide/black out your Social Security Number from the form before you send it.

Step 3 (ONLY for international students)

  1. Complete the Financial Aid for International Students in Masters / Doctoral Programs form.  Access this form by clicking on the highlighted section in the previous sentence.
  2. E-mail signed document to Alex Miller at


Application Submission Deadline

Fall semester: July 01
Spring semester: December 01
5:00 p.m. (Tucson time)

NOTE: Application is not considered complete until all of the following have been sent/completed.

  1. Your EFC Word document (sent via email). (To include page 1 form and data, page 2 calculated amount)
  2. Your Resume (sent via email).
  3. A copy of your completed FAFSA application (sent via email), for domestic students only.
  4. Your signed Financial Aid for International Students form (sent via email), for international students only.
  5. The completed form below has been submitted.


Scholarship Application

Please complete the following form. Fields marked with * are required.

Use this format: (520) 555-5555.
This amount is determined by completing the online calculator mentioned in Step One above.

If yes, insert the total amount of funds that you received from each of your fellowships, stipends, and/or scholarships:



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